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Through MineBee's technology, miners will be able to derive premium real-time analysis from qualitative insights to generate optimal value. Furthermore, the initiation of new market for mining sector, which will contain our blockchain-based payment method, will provide differentiated experiences to miners. MineBee will become the leader, revolutionizing the overall mining ecosystem through exceptional technology.

PRODUCTS Big Data + Blockchain + Market Network

  • MB Solution

    A data management and analysis tool that processes the data of all miners connected to its mining rig management partners and uses it to develop actionable insights

  • MB Contract

    Smart contract-controlled payment module that facilitates peer-to-peer purchase of equipment as well as payment for MineBee partners premium services

  • MB Open Market

    A marketplace for pricing, buying and selling second-hand mining equipment and for providing price comparisons of new equipment


  • Q4Experienced members met to form MineBee
  • Successfully conceptualized MineBee Project
  • Q1-Q2 Established MINEONE LTD in Malta to initiate MineBee project
  • MineBee project launched
  • Establishment of MineBee-MiningCom partnership
  • Q3MineBee service stack fully developed
  • MineBee Solution private beta version implemented
  • Initiation of mining data supply from MiningCom
  • First insights returned to selected clients
  • Q4MB token private sale successfully completed
  • Q1Operations with MiningCom commence
  • MineBee service stack will become publicly available through MiningCom
  • Suppliers to populate MineBee open market
  • MineBee begins commercial marketing campaign in Asia
  • Q2 - Q3MB token will be listed on exchanges
  • Release MineBee contract version 2 with escrow service
  • MineBee begins partnership expansion campaign in Asia
  • MineBee begins global partnership expansion campaign
  • Q4MineBee begins commercial marketing campaign globally
  • MineBee strives to become the leader in cryptocurrency mining industry

PARTNERS Highly trusted partners to renovate
cryptocurrency mining ecosystem


FAQCheck out some of the most frequently
asked questions about MineBee

  • What is MineBee?

    MineBee is developing a turnkey solution that will address the mining industries multi-faceted problems and supply participants with real-time network analysis which drives and maximizes efficiencies and profitability across the board. Moreover, we derive the revolution of mining market network for miners to have full scalability of their mining ecosystem.

  • Why Blockchain?

    Blockchain is an inevitable technology for MineBee to enable transparency and security between not only companies and users, but P2P trading.

  • What is MB token?

    MB token is ERC20 based token used for MB service payments, escrow and purchasing goods on the open market. It is our primary currency within the MineBee ecosystem.

  • How will MineBee use the raised funds?

    Funds will primarily be used to enhance the MineBee Network. We will continuously develop our technology and ecosystem to bring out better user experience and connectivity. Moreover, it will become a subsidy for us to expand and commercialize MineBee globally.

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